Uploading Photos to Your Pet’s Profile

Uploading Photos to Your Pet’s Profile

Read our guide on adding photos to your pet’s profile on PetshotsAI.com. This step is crucial for training the AI to create custom images of your beloved companion.


Step 1: Sign In or Sign Up To get started, ensure you are signed in to your account. If you’re new, sign up for a free account. Returning users can sign in here.

Step 2: Access Your Pet’s Profile Once signed in, navigate to your pet’s profile. If you haven’t created a profile for your pet yet, follow our guide on adding a new pet profile.

Step 3: Navigate to Pet’s Gallery In your pet’s profile, look for the ‘Pet’s Gallery’ button among the top action buttons. This is where you’ll upload real photos of your pet.

Step 4: Selecting the Best Photos Choose 15 to 25 of the best photos. For tips on capturing high-quality images suitable for AI processing, check out our blog post: Tips for Capturing Stunning Pet Photos.

Step 5: Upload Images Click on ‘Add Images’ to proceed to the upload page. Here you can select up to 5 images at a time to upload. This limit is set to optimize the image processing for AI use.

Step 6: Review and Manage Your Gallery After uploading, the images will appear in your pet’s gallery. If you’re not satisfied with a photo, you can delete it and upload another. Ensure you have at least 15 images to proceed.

Step 7: Train Your Pet’s AI Model With the minimum number of images uploaded, you can move on to training your pet’s AI model, which will be based on these images.


Your pet’s gallery is now ready, and so is your pet’s AI model for training! You won’t need to upload new images every time you want to train the AI model. Your next step is to train the AI model and enjoy the magic of PetshotsAI.

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