Training Pet’s AI Model

Training Pet’s AI Model

Welcome to the guide on how to train an AI model for your pet on This feature allows you to generate personalized and creative images of your pet using the photos uploaded in their profile.

Before you begin, ensure you have an account and have set up your pet’s profile. If not, please check out our other guides to get you started.


  1. Navigate to Your Pet’s Profile:
    • Log in to your account.
    • Select the ‘My Pets’ tab and click on your pet’s profile.
  2. Initiate AI Model Training:
    • Click the ‘AI Model’ button.
    • Choose ‘Add AI Model’ and then select ‘Train AI Model’. This starts the training process using the photos you’ve uploaded.
Train AI model on PetShotsAI
Start training AI model on PetShotsAI
  1. Wait for Processing:
    • The training process typically takes between 15 to 20 minutes. You can continue browsing the site or close the window, as we will notify you by email once the training is complete.
  2. Model Expiry and Retraining:
    • The AI model remains active for 30 days. Post-expiry, you will need to retrain the model.
    • If you are not satisfied with the images produced, consider taking new, high-quality photos of your pet. For tips on capturing great images, check out our blog Tips for Capturing Stunning Pet Photos.
  3. Update Your Pet’s Photos:
    • Before retraining the model, upload new images and delete the old ones. Note that new images are only accepted during the training phase.


You’re now equipped to train an AI model for your pet on Enjoy the fun and creative images that reflect your pet’s personality! Be sure to refresh the model every 30 days or update it with new photos to keep the images fresh and vibrant.

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Your new magical AI pet photo is ready!