Adding a New Pet Profile

Adding a New Pet Profile


Ready to showcase your pet’s unique charm? Let’s get started by creating their very own profile on your account. This guide will take you through each step, from naming your furry friend within our system to selecting the perfect pictures to begin their AI-assisted photo adventure.


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  1. Access the ‘My Pets’ page by signing into your account. If you need help signing in or creating an account, our guides are available here for signing in and here for signing up.
  2. Once on the ‘My Pets’ page, you’ll see all the pet profiles you’ve created. If none exist, there will be a prompt to create your first pet profile.
  3. Click the ‘+ Add Pet’ button to navigate to the ‘Add Your Pet’ page.
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  1. Enter your pet’s name in the designated field. This name is just a label for you to identify your pet on the platform.
  2. Select your pet’s species from the dropdown menu. This information is crucial as it helps the AI to tailor AI model based on different species.
  3. Upload first 5 photos of your pet. These initial photos are just the beginning. You will eventually need to upload 15 to 25 photos in total. For advice on selecting the best images for AI training, check out our blog post: Tips for Capturing Stunning Pet Photos.
  4. After selecting the photos, click the ‘Create’ button. Please be patient; the images need time to be uploaded and processed.


After completing these steps, your pet’s profile will be ready. The next step is to upload the remaining images to your pet’s profile and begin training the AI model. Each step of this process is detailed in our documentation, ensuring you have all the support you need to enjoy to the fullest.

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Your new magical AI pet photo is ready!